The Inadra (SFW)

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The INADRA is finally out!! 🥳🎈🎉🎊🐉🐲

Finally, after 2 years of making and meticulously refining,
i can proudly present to you all,
the culmination of all my passion and art skills of my entire life, combined into this Behemoth Project,
it is FINALLY out for you guys to buy and check out.

I hold the Inadra especially near and dear to my Heart as it conveys my deep love and devotion towards Dragons on an unfathomable level.

The Inadra is intended to be a highly customisable Avatar to finally fill that hole of good dragon Avatars out there.

The 5 Presets are Sub-species of the Inadra and serve as Examples of what YOU can mix n match yourself, using the provided .blend files and .psd files.

"SPICY" version COMING SOON™ on my:


once the N.S.F.W. version is out, the SFW version will include a Coupon to the N.S.F.W. version with ✨80% OFF ✨

so dont hesitate to get the SFW one now °w°`

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VRchat DEMO​ INADRA Avatar Link:
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you get access to FREE community made contributions for my Avatars,
like clothing or other accessories etc.

as well as sneak peeks on my current projects and lots more

————— What you get in this SFW Package: —————

  • 🌟Base .blendfile with over 250 bodyparts
    • Including spines, fins, fluff, feathers and 30+ Horn designs etc.
      intended for mix n matching your own Inadra.
    • Hundreds of blendshapes, including Visemes, face tracking, eye tracking, manipulation, customization and many more
  • 🌟14 .psd files. intended to make your own textures for your custom inadra
  • 🌟5 Inadra Presets (Sub-species, examples of what a finished Inadra might look
  • 🌟Textures for the 5 Presets
  • 🌟VRC and CVR Package with cool gestures
  • 🌟FBX with exploded parts for use in Substance painter
  • 🌟VERY Helpful Setup Manual and more
  • 🌟Fancy Renders of the Inadra as a thank you Bonus

———————————— Remarks: ————————————

The .blend file has been made with Blender 2.93.9. vertex groups are not backwards compatible!! To fix that you can append the desired assets from another .blend file  or export as an .fbx and import into older versions of blender.

You can use Krita to open Photoshop files (psd),  make sure to follow the manual i wrote to ensure the layers within display correctly.

This model is NOT quest compatible or fallback compatible out the box.

This model is NOT ONLY made for VRchat, the raw files can be used in any compatible software.

Unity Packages for VRC and CVR are included in the Download.

No IK, Shaders or anything the likes, just the raw Model files with textures and Armature and Avatar specific gestures.

Substance Painter Files will SOON™ be available too

You are agreeing to my terms of use upon purchasing/obtaining!

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Includes thes following Files:

- "Inadra EVERYTHING.blend"
with All Bodyparts
- 5 SFW Inadra Presets .blend files
example of what a finished custom inadra could look like
- 25 .psd files
for creating your own textures
- Textures
for the 5 Presets
- "Inadra WING POSES.blend"
reference for setting up your own wing control gestures
- "Inadra Substance Painter SFW.fbx"
.FBX for painting in Substance Painter
- Inadra Setup Manual
Help, tips, and step by step guide for making your own Inadra
- VRC and CVR Unity Packages
Packages of the 5 Presets, with basic Wing & Tail controls
- Raw Renders
Fancy Renders of the inadra during the making
2.01 GB
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The Inadra (SFW)

23 ratings
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